JAF works as a partner with clients who are in need of computer validation services in order to provide them with rapid turnkey computer system validation. From designing test protocols and establishing the right level of validation, to training on computer validation issues, our firm provides its customers with CSV services specifically suited to their needs.

Our consultants are renowned for their domain experience, practical understanding and implementation of regulatory requirements. Our expertise has demonstrated to our clients that the key to successfully satisfying regulatory agencies is a well-planned, logical approach in all phases of a project, from initiation to operations.

High-priority and high-quality CSV services that offer a practical and cost-effective approach to ensuring compliance with today's regulatory requirements.

Here's how we show-up:

  • Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Risk Remediation
  • Full Validation Lifecycle Documentation
  • Development & Execution Documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Periodic Evaluation of Validated Systems
  • Decommissioning
  • Data & Systems Migration Plans
  • Application Analysis & Upgrades
  • User Requirements Specification (URS)  Workshops
  • Validation Master Planning