Join Joe Franchetti at the Spring '24 Cannabis Science Conference for a half-hour lecture and Q&A on why ensuring the consistent quality of cannabis products has become imperative for both consumer safety and regulatory compliance—and how.

As the global cannabis industry continues to expand, ensuring the consistent quality of cannabis products has become imperative for both consumer safety and regulatory compliance. This session will explore the role of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in elevating the quality standards of cannabis products. The study investigates how the implementation of robust QMS principles and practices can contribute to the enhancement of various aspects of cannabis production, from cultivation to final product delivery.

Our research highlights key elements of QMS, such as documentation control, process optimization, and continuous improvement, as essential tools in fostering a culture of quality within the cannabis industry. By adopting standardized operating procedures, comprehensive testing protocols, and stringent quality control measures, cannabis businesses can mitigate risks associated with variability in product composition and potency.

Meet Your Instructor

CEO & President | JAF Consulting

As CEO, President, and Managing Consultant for JAF Consulting Incorporated since 2001, Joe Franchetti is an industry leader and teacher for Data Integrity, 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, HIPAA, and Computer System Validation in regulated environments such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, and Medical Device. For over thirty years, Mr. Franchetti has been involved with developing, purchasing, installing, operating, auditing, and maintaining computerized systems used in all drug development and manufacturing phases. In addition, Joe has over thirty-five years of progressive experience in information technology and data management.

He has extensive experience with all aspects of regulatory compliance especially in computer systems validation. Joe is involved with many industry groups and publications such as SQA, ISPE, and DIA, and has also participated in a few GAMP Special Interest Groups.

Joe is currently the Vice President of the Society of Quality Assurance and will be President in 2024.  He has held many leadership positions in SQA in the Computer Validation Information Technology Compliance (CVIC) Specialty Section, where he is responsible for the training programs related to Data Integrity and Computer Systems Validation; Past Chair for the SQA Education Committee; and Past Chair of the Quality Assurance Consulting Support Specialty Section. Joe is currently a Mentor in the SQA Mentor Program. He is also recognized as a Distinguished Speaker by the SQA Learning Foundation since 2017.

Joe is experienced in Project Management; Data Integrity, Cloud Computing, Quality Systems Implementation, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, Instructional Design, Vendor / Supplier and Compliance Audits, Computer System Validation, US & International Regulations and Standards (GLP, GMP, GCP, ISO Standards, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), 21 CFR Part 11, European Union, Japanese Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare), Electronic Records, Electronic and Digital Signatures, Information Technology, Quality Assurance, Quality Management Systems, Electronic Data Management, Laboratory Robotics, Laboratory Operations and Analysis, Drug Discovery, Informatics, Data Warehousing, Documentation Development and Content Management.

About the Conference

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